GOLDEN AGE CALYPSO BAND Contact Number 0775282813

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Golden Age Calypso Band Contact Numbers 0775282813, 0778994291

Golden age Calypso Band contact number (0778994291 / 0775282813) is made up of musicians with one aim: to make sure the customers happy. Good time keeping, reliability, and professionalism is our top priority.We play a mixture of different types of music, ranging from calypso.All of the band members are fully professional full time musicians and have more than 10 year experience in music field.All our Musicians are professional vocalists and trained their voices to professional level.

Golden Age Calypso Band is the Largest Calypso Band In Sri Lanka. We Have More than 70 Musician and All of our Band Members are non  alcoholics and maintain their professionalism through out the event. We Undertake any type of Private parties such as Birthdays, Anniversaries, Family get to gathers, etc. Spacial Packages Weddings.

The utmost entertainment from our music band as your desire. We can make your happiness in to a deep recreation through our well mannered and experience performers with a lot of talents not only Sri lanka but also over seas in the last decade. We have variety of entertainment with classical western and calypso musics. our songs repertoire comprises of more than 100 western classics and more than 1000 Sinhala songs (We can perform almost every sinhala songs). Singers perform all three languages Sinhala, English,Spanish, Hindi and etc. We dedicate our best to make you happy with much responsibility.

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